Debtors Son Arrested for Firing Shots at Repossessor

e_cllns_sprtnbrgSpartanburg, SC – 4 January 2017 – Spartanburg County deputies said a man was arrested Tuesday night after firing a gun at a tow truck that was repossessing a vehicle.

Deputies said they were called to an incident on Harrelson Road just before 11 p.m.

According to investigative reports, the tow truck was called to haul off after a woman had failed to make payments on it. The woman’s husband and sons attempted to take items from the car before it was hauled away and told deputies they had not taken all of their personal items from the car when the tow truck driver began leaving.

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1 thought on “Debtors Son Arrested for Firing Shots at Repossessor

  1. I think the agent should have had a little more respect for the debtors and let them remove their personal property from the unit and get it all out… Then he could have taken the unit and all of the shooting and drama may have been avoided… I realize sometimes no matter how kind you are they are just bitter and somehow find reason to blame the agent but it was rude of the agent to not allow them to remove all the personal items from the unit.. Heck, I wish every debtor would come and clear out their pp from us because that avoids us having to handle their “often” very nasty stuff!!! But, glad that no one was seriously injured…Especially the agent!

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