Former Omaha Police Officer gets Light Sentence for Selling Police Records for Repossessions

gavelKevin Cave, 36, of Bellevue, Nebraska, a former Omaha Police officer was sentenced to a mere three years probation and fined $8,000 after being convicted of improper computer searches which were used to help locate and repossess vehicles for relatives of his who owned car dealerships.

United States District Court Judge Joseph F. Bataillon, sentenced Cave following his conviction for Exceeding Authorized Access to a Protected Computer.

Cave had worked as an Omaha Police Officer and, had been granted access to the NCJIS, (Nebraska Criminal Justice Information System), database.

NCJIS is a protected database that links numerous databases together and provides law enforcement officers with a broad range of information on suspects and witnesses.

Officers granted access to NCJIS are trained that the database contains sensitive information and as such, is protected from unauthorized disclosures, and can only be searched for legitimate law enforcement purposes.

Cave conducted unauthorized searches of the NCJIS database from 2010 through 2012 looking for information that would assist car dealerships, owned by relatives of his, locate cars for repossession.

Cave conducted the improper searches because he was being paid up to $200 for every successful lead he provided. In total, Cave received over $16,000 for having conducted the improper searches.

The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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