Frantic Man Tries to Drive Vehicle off of Wheel Lift during Repossession

handcuffs1Clarksville, TN – December 16, 2012 – Forty-two year old Anthony C. Garrett was more than just a little dismayed when he discovered that his car was being repossessed and took things just a little too far.

According to a Clarksville Police Department report, an unnamed repossession company employee had arrived at the location of the incident with the proper paperwork in hand and was in the processes of preparing to leave when a rather frazzled Anthony Garrett introduced himself with an act of juvenile theatrics.
Garrett allegedly ran toward the Repo Man, who was in the car, and attempted to pull him out and slammed the car door on his leg. Garrett then reportedly hopped by the wheel of the car, started it and franticly tried to pull the car off of the wheel lift.

Unfortunate for Garrett, the wheel were strapped down and all he managed to do was cause damage to the tow truck and earn himself an introduction with the police who may be issuing a warrant for his arrest.

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