Fugitive Parolee Allegedly Pulls Gun on Repo Man

gun_at_headSaddle Brook, NJ – July 3, 2013 – A parolee wanted in two states is now behind bars after pulling a gun on a Recovery Agent from Federal Recovery Services in the predawn hours.

The recovery agent showed police his repossession order on a black 2012 Kia Sorrento just after midnight before heading to the owner’s Third Street home to pick it up.

Moments later, police received a call from both a concerned resident and the agent, who reported that the owner “got hostile and threatened him with a gun.” According to police.

Responding officers were told by the agent that he’d been “in the process of hooking up the vehicle to his tow truck from the driveway when 51-year-old Steven Dunn came out and pointed a handgun at him.

Dunn, at first claimed that he had held two wrenches that he pretended was a gun in an attempt to  scare off the agent.

However, the officers discovered a .40-caliber pistol in a bathroom cabinet of Dunn’s first-floor apartment and took him into custody, he said.dunn_51nj

Police charged Dunn with aggravated assault, two counts of illegal weapons possession and possession of hollow-point bullets.

Dunn was being held on $50,000 bail in the Bergen County Jail pending a Municipal Court hearing next Wednesday.

Dunn is also wanted out of both Florida and Texas for parole violations. Authorities in those jurisdictions were being contacted.

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