Gunfire and Beating at BHPH Dealer after Threat of Repo for Demand for Last Payment


Louisville, KY – August 21, 2012 –  Louisville Police responded to gunfire at an auto dealer from an incident that stemmed from the “Buy Here Pay Here” dealer demanding final payment for a vehicle that the borrower was demanding repairs on.

At 4:23 p.m. police arrived at Belgray Auto to find two employees, the dealership manager and his father injured after a scuffle with a borrower who had brought in her car for repairs. After an employee advised her that unless she made her final payment her car would be reposessed, she followed them to the car to remove her property and then attacked an employee.

As the lot manager attempted to get her off of him, her boyfriend intervened and attacked the manager. What reportedly followed was the boyfriend pulling out a gun and putting it to the manager’s head when the gun went off.

Apparently, no one was seriously injured but all five men from the lot went to the hospital for treatment.

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