HELP !!! The Recovery Industry is Under Major Attack!!!


A large national forwarder is attempting to change 493


Fellow recovery agents, just like they tried last year, a large national forwarder is attempting to change 493 and attempting to create an exemption for themselves from licensure!

For the second year in a row they are attempting to change the definition of what a recovery agency is. They claim that they are not a recovery agency yet in the State of Michigan, in front of a Michigan state Supreme Court Judge they testified under oath that they ARE a recovery Agency!

They claim that because they “DO NOT TOUCH THE METALl” they are not a recovery agency.

The legislative session this year is very short, in fact it ends on March 01, 2016.

They are putting a lot of pressure this year to get their Bill passed into law. If it does they will be able to operate unlicensed in Florida and you won’t! You can be punished and fined by the state and they won’t!

Is that fair?

We say either regulate equally across the board or do not regulate at all.

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3 thoughts on “HELP !!! The Recovery Industry is Under Major Attack!!!

  1. I remember when Marion Hammer went after the Fl Audubon Society because they once opposed her legislation. She went into the Fl legislature and argued that the mockingbird was a bad choice for an official state bird.

    It was petty. It was revenge. It was hilarious.

    Now everyone knows not to mess with Marion Hammer’s legislation or she will seek revenge. This is the same stance FLACARS should take with the state reps that sponsor or support this bill. They should oppose every bill they try to move forward just to be jerks…. then fight to have the defeated in the next election.

  2. 1) I think the Fl Association is correct on this issue.
    2) I think the association should be calling every repo company in the entire state to speak with each owner and create a grass roots effort to block this legislation and humiliate everyone in the legislature for even looking at this.
    3) Our agency has not been contacted by anyone about this !!!!!!! …. I read it here …. I would have expected more from FLACARS

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