2,000 Repo’s and Still Making Money$$$



Detroit, MI – 19 August 2016 – After 2000 repo’s the Lil Hercules is still out in the field & making $$$. Let’s hear from a client that has purchased a unit almost 3 years ago and over 2000 repo’s later!

“The profitability on the LH’s is amazing” says the owner. I am truly satisfied w/ my unit from Detroit and have already bought a 2nd unit for my son on his truck.”

“We plan on adding more trucks to the fleet w/ nothing but DWS products… These “Made In Detroit” products are by far, the best bang for your buck. No other unit offer’s it’s customers a lifetime warranty on vital pins & bushings.”

“They are purpose built with the ability to tighten those major pivot points that normally cost us money & down time to repair. The gentleman at Detroit Wrecker Sales are truly dedicated to making a product that lasts a lifetime. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you soon will!” Call them today 313-835-8700 you’ll be glad ya did!”

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Cell:    248-249-8100

Office: 313-835-8700 ext 1

Email: mike@detroitwrecker.com

Fax:    313-835-4838

Website: www.DetroitWrecker.com

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