A Letter from the ARA President



Two hundred thirty-nine years ago a group of prominent individuals got together and created the great nation we live in today. They aspired to build a nation where people could freely voice their opinions and concerns in order to help better the world around them. One hundred eighty-eight years later (51 years ago), another group of individuals banded together with similar goals in mind. The American Recovery Association (ARA) was created in order to provide a nurturing environment for the remarketing and recovery industry. The goal was to develop an organized community where members are encouraged to voice their concerns and bring innovative ideas to the table. Through this community, we have been able to make remarkable strides for our industry – you should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

However, the work isn’t finished and there are still plenty of areas where we can improve. ARA’s executive committee has been working tirelessly to provide educational opportunities and networking events for the industry at large. One of the most important opportunities we provide is the annual ARA Convention – register here. The ARA Convention serves as the birthplace of big ideas and industry growth. This year we would like to extend an open invitation – if you are a member of any other association, or have no affiliation at all, you are invited to attend as our guest and see what we are all about.

>From the educational Client Roundtable to the many seasoned vendors who attend, there are countless opportunities for you to learn and develop professionally. You’re all invited to sit back, relax and enjoy the speakers we have arranged for your enjoyment – I guarantee each and every one of you will walk away with knowledge you didn’t have prior to the convention.

I encourage you to visit our vendors and strike up conversations. You never know what wonderful tools and techniques are available to you until you’ve explored your options. Whether you’re in the market or not, it behooves you to evaluate the most current offerings applicable to our industry.  You may find a creative and efficient way to do something that you’d never thought of before.

I especially encourage the younger generation of remarketing and recovery professionals to take advantage of the opportunities available through ARA. You are the future of our industry and it’s up to you to learn as much as you can while also improving our industry through your knowledge and application of the latest in technology. You are joining our community at a great time and we can’t wait to see what innovative ideas you bring with you. Please contribute to discussions and absorb as much as you can – we would love to hear both your concerns and your desires.

If I haven’t convinced you to join us at the ARA Convention yet, then know that this year’s convention takes place in New Orleans. The “Big Easy” will entice you with its lively culture, rich history and unparalleled cuisine. Soak up as much knowledge at the ARA Convention that you can and then go unwind on Bourbon Street. Grab a beignet while you’re at it. Make sure you take advantage of our wonderful Sheraton New Orleans room rate of $139. But hurry, this offer expires on July 15th. I can’t wait to see you all there – it’s going to be one heck of a convention.


ARA President

Jerry Wilson


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3 thoughts on “A Letter from the ARA President

  1. Figures. Just like ARA to screw with everyone. They use the life force out of everyone, say they will help those who pay their ridiculous dues. I have yet to see that happen. If anyone gets in a bind, they make you feel like crap, don’t help and vote you out. Don’t matter how long of a member you have been, whether or not you were duped by a forwarding company or even if you were one of the founding members.

    ARA used to stand for something, they are now a bunch of political hacks and bought traitors.

    I would be interested in seeing if this even gets posted. I have nothing to lose, I was pushed out, turned in to a pariah and claimed as “unfit” to be a member – even after over 30+ years of loyal service, writing by-laws, paying over $4K annually in dues. Why? A clerical error, a shady forwarding company and my mistake of doing business with them.

    I know that TIME, or NFA would never have done that. And I was a member of their associations for a long time as well.

    All those who called me “Friend” and “Brother” and other lies – never even sent me a Sympathy Card – I am out of this chicken-shit industry forever. I was a founding father, used to love it. Spit on and betrayed. Now, I am deceased however the hate and feelings of betrayal are real.
    My family carries on, 100% independent of you all.

  2. We are very sorry, the invitation went out with us believing that the rate was going to be extended, it was not. If the $20 a day cost makes a difference, contact me and I will make the $139 rate good.
    We have had so much interest in membership over the last three weeks that our President decided to open up the convention so that those people could attend.

    Please contact me if I may be of assistance.

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