Agent Threatened with Gun in SC

Myrtle Beach, SC – 8 February 2018 – A North Myrtle Beach man says he was trying to repossess a vehicle at a home on Fair Lane at around 1 a.m. Feb. 2 when the resident of the home — wearing only boxers — walked outside with a handgun, the report states.

The repo man said the suspect “chambered a round” in the gun then pointed it at him. He said the suspect then said, “put the [expletive] car down or I will blow your head off.”

The victim said he unhooked the car and left the scene.

Deputies met with the suspect who said he walked outside when he heard the noise. He admitted he was “talking junk” to the repo man but said he never had a gun, although he pretended he had a weapon.

A woman who lives in the home said she did have a baseball bat when she walked outside but said she never used it to threaten the victim.

They both said they thought someone was trying to steal the car.

No charges were filed.



Source: GABNewsOnline

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