Allied Finance Adjusters Secures Individual $1M Fidelity Protection Policies for its Members!

Attention Financial Institutions and Recovery Agencies Owners

Allied Finance Adjusters has secured individual $1,000,000 Fidelity Protection Policies for its members!


Many of you may already know that all the collateral recovery trade associations have lost their group Bond protection insurance policies. The Texas Department of Insurance was the first State to review the “bond” coverage that the trade associations had all purchased (from the same carrier, amazingly).  After the Texas review, other states joined in and began their own reviews of the group bond coverage. After months of looking at the group policies and the way they had historically been handled, the regulators decided that allowing the associations to pay the fidelity bond coverage premium for the entire group of its members was, by state law, an unlicensed “selling” of insurance.  The regulators also took issue with calling it “bond” coverage rather than “fidelity protection” coverage! So, in order to avoid any conflict or sanction by the state regulators, Allied Finance Adjusters went to work and negotiated a compliant program with its new carrier, The Hanover Insurance Group.

Allied has made arrangements for each of its members to obtain individual fidelity insurance policies with our carrier without interruption of service to our members and their clients! For those of you who have been a member of a national trade association, join Allied today and you will be covered for the next 30 days (pending inspections). The price for your AFA membership and your individual fidelity protection policy (payable to the insurer) is only $750.00 for the remainder of the year!

Don’t be terminated by your clients for contract non-compliance! Our 2nd-quarter, prorated flat rate membership dues are normally $1,200.00 join today for only $750.00 (which includes a non-refundable physical office inspection and background check fee of only $125.00). This is your opportunity to join the oldest and largest most-respected trade association in the industry at a huge savings. This offer expires on June 30th 2017.

Not only will you have the theft-protection policy required by your clients in place today, but you can take advantage of the amazing education and training that AFA is offering at our next convention in San Diego, CA, this June.

 Clients/Lenders, if you have independent recovery agents that do not have this policy in place, refer them to AFA, we are here to help you! With almost 300 members nationwide, AFA has continued to grow and serve the lending community. AFA offers a FREE “Client Login” portal on our website and mobile App, so that you can manage your approved AFA vendors with the touch of a button. You can check the status of the member’s insurance policies, licenses, and education/training. Our AFA website and mobile App has a Member Search function that can locate the closest AFA member to your debtor’s home or employment (by miles), just by searching your customer’s zip code. No other trade group in the industry can top that!

By now, you should have received a printed copy of our 2017 Annual Directory. If you did not, or would like another copy, visit our website at  On the bottom right of the home page, you can request your free copy.

Allied Finance Adjusters is the Nation’s Oldest, Largest, Not-For-Profit trade group, and we have been available to the industry since 1936! Don’t believe us? Just count the members in the directories you have sitting on your desk. And remember, Allied does not allow Phantom or Ghost-office listing, period! Each listing in our directory, website or AFA mobile app is an actual physical office location that has been inspected.

We look forward to hearing from you today!

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Allied Finance Adjusters

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