Anonymous Creates Epic Video Explaining the State of the Repo Industry

The mysterious anti-repossession forwarding group, Anonymous has created a humorous but fact filled video explaining the current state of the repossession industry. Albeit in the form of an animated narrator, the purposely formatted “Fairy Tale” entitled “Welcome to a Grim Fairytale About our Total Annihilation“ does a good job of explaining the history of repossession forwarding, it’s effects on the industry, presumed grim_frytle_intromotives and most especially, the legal opinions of the Forwarders and their alleged standing with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

Anonymous feels these are the weak links in the process that compromise compliance to Lenders and explain how this could be played out should the “Big Green Ogre” of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) become more engaged in reviewing the roles and processes of the industry.

epic_scrnshtWhatever your opinion on the topic is, this is a worthy 20 minute video and really picks up steam around minute 10.

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2 thoughts on “Anonymous Creates Epic Video Explaining the State of the Repo Industry

  1. I only wish that a push of this nature had happened several years ago! Smaller agencies that had been around for over 40+ years, like mine, would still be conducting honest, licensed repossessions.

    I may get involved for the sake of those still standing, giving a voice to those who cannot out of fear for losing their agencies. I have one no longer and have nothing to lose. It is people like me who have turned many a battle.

    We all need to get off our butt’s and do something, all be it quietly and with grass roots beginnings. If you watched this video and do nothing, you are as guilty as those who took our industry and made it a mockery of it’s former self.

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