Another Baby in the Back Repo


Tulsa, OK – 9 September 2016 – Is it the parent’s fault or the tow truck driver? Oklahoma police aren’t really sure who to blame in a recent ordeal where a tow truck driver repossessed a woman’s car with her baby still in the back seat.

According to News on 6, police officers have passed the case along to detectives who are figuring out if anyone can be charged in the incident.

The repossession company says their driver spotted the car they were looking for at an oil change business and made their attempt to tow it. The driver, however, didn’t realize that the baby was in the car until they got to a convenience store at 21st and Memorial in Tulsa. When the tow truck driver realized that the child was in the car, he immediately called 911.

Police reviewed surveillance footage of the car at the oil change shop, which showed that the mother had only been in the oil change shop for a few minutes when the repo company impounded her car.

The mother was reportedly very upset, and the police turned over both the car and the child back to the mother.


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