Borrower Killed after Knife Attack


Houston, TX – 29 January 2018 – A pair of Repo Men and EMS staff were surprised when the unconscious driver of a subject repossession awoke and attacked with a knife. Responding police shot and killed the man after he attacked them as well.

A report issued by investigators indicates that a deputy shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to stab him outside a Catholic Church and school in northwest Harris County.

The dramatic incident unfolded outside St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church on Addicks Satsuma Road. Reporters from SkyEye13 were above the church where the body of the man could be seen in the parking lot.

It’s reported by investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office that it all began with a car repossession.

Two men made their way to repo the suspect’s vehicle near Beltway 8 and Tanner Road, unfortunately, they found him unconscious inside. They called in 911 to get assistance for the man. When EMS made their way to the scene, the man pulled out a knife as he approached deputies.

Shooting scene where police gunned down a knife wielding man who had earlier threatened two Repo Men and EMS staff.

The investigators have revealed that the suspect fled the scene and came to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, but deputies did not know why he chose to stop at this church and school.

A State Trooper and a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy found the man inside his car, and tried approaching the suspect. However, the man would not co-operate with deputies as investigators say he pulled out his knife yet again, this time storming towards them.

In response, the deputy opened fire, killing the man. Fortunately, the deputy was not injured. The incident led Truiitt Middle School to be placed on ‘secure the building’ mode after the shooting. That prevented anyone from entering or exiting the campus.

Around 2:23 p.m., the all-clear sign was issued as sheriff’s deputies continued their investigation at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.


Source: The Goldwater

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