CALR Saves You Money by Partnering With VTS!

For Immediate Release

8/16/2017 – Members in California will no longer have to pay for background checks on the VTS platform, if the CALR Member is in good standing and their employee(s) holds a valid Repossession Agency Employee (RAE) Registrant or a Qualified Manager (QM) license.

CALR and VTS worked hard for this approval with the clients VTS serves. California RAE’s and QM’s must have Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) background checks when applying for their credentials issued by the Department of consumer affairs, Bureau of Security of Investigative Services  (BSIS).

This applies to new agencies signing up for VTS and your annual renewals.  Thank you VTS for facilitating and offering this cost savings to our members.


Marcelle Egley


California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR)


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