Caught on Video – Repo Man Breaks Into Garage


Flint, MI – 5 February 2018 – On May 13, 2017, an unnamed borrower caught a repossessor, allegedly from Michigan Recovery Services, breaking into their garage and then towing the vehicle from the garage for lender, Elga Credit Union of Burton, MI. In the borrowers mind, two wrongs make a right and they stole it back from the credit union, right off their lot.

The borrower, who has since posted two videos on YouTube and created a website “” alleges that Elga CU accepted payment on the vehicle before the repossession and that no notice of delinquency nor pending repossession was received. The borrower has redacted their name from all documents presented on this site.

After the borrower found their GMC SUV had been repossessed from the garage, they reviewed the video surveillance footage and was able to fully document the event.

On May 16, 2017, the borrower reported a theft by breaking and entry to their garage with the Flint, MI police department naming Michigan Recovery Services as the suspect.

On May 19, 2017, they retained a civil attorney.

On May 24, 2017, the unnamed borrower then drove to Elga Credit Union where they spotted their white GMC SUV parked in the parking lot unsecured. Armed with vengeance and a sense of moral high ground, the borrower then proceeded to drive the vehicle back home and lock it in the garage.

Upon discovering the vehicle having been removed from their unsecured lot, Elga Credit Union staff reported the vehicle stolen to the Burton police department who sent several officers to the borrowers house to retrieve the vehicle.

The unnamed borrower claims that no notice of intent to dispose of the vehicle was ever received nor any notice of sale. 

Elga CU’s attorney responded that notice was sent on May 15th, 2017 and the vehicle was set for auction and that the borrower had failed to demonstrate any contractual breaches of obligation and counter threatened with a claim of fraud.

While the veracity of the borrowers claims against Elga Credit Union and the events that transposed is verifiable at this point, what is clear is that an agent, allegedly from Michigan Recovery Services did open a closed garage to repossess the vehicle and was caught on video doing it.

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