Dragged Woman NOT Involved in a Repo

STORY CORRECTION – Police investigation of the aforementioned “Woman Dragged to Death Chasing Repo” story have been corrected to show that the incident was the result of a private property tow and not a repossession as previously reported. Bullet dodged. The repossession industry really did not need another black eye and let’s hope the years of focus on safety and professionalism continue to minimize these incidents.

San Antonio, TX – 26 October, 2016 – Police said a woman was killed after being dragged by a tow truck. The woman was trying to stop the truck from taking her vehicle, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

The incident happened at an apartment complex on Vista Del Norte. She was 28 years old.

Police said the woman was parked in someone else’s spot, and Atlas Towing was called to tow her vehicle.

As she tried to stop them, SAPD said her purse was caught somewhere on her vehicle or the tow truck. She was killed at the scene.

SAPD said investigators have spoken with the driver of the tow truck. He reportedly said he was not aware she was stuck until it was too late.

A video camera on the truck may have also captured the incident, police told KENS 5’s crew at the scene.

However, police said investigators are forced to issue a search warrant because SAPD said the towing company has not voluntarily provided them with the video.

More information was not immediately available.


Source: WUSA9

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