Go Green $ave On Fuel Cost

Detroit Wrecker brings another industry changing product. Proud to announce we are an official Icom dealer. We chose to represent Icom due to the patented Liquid Propane Injection System they use. Not the typical CNG or Vapor Propane Systems we are already used to seeing. This system is radically different. Check it out and start saving money! Each state has different incentives. Florida for example has a 50% reimbursement package.  Check out this video to learn more!


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Mike Farrell CEO – Equipment Sales

Cell:    248-249-8100

Office: 313-835-8700 ext 1

Email: mike@detroitwrecker.com

Fax:    313-835-4838

Website: www.DetroitWrecker.com

Address: 19303 Davison  Detroit MI, 48223


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