Important Bankruptcy Rule Changes – Live Webinar!


Don’t forget that we will be presenting a webinar this coming Thursday, September 28, to address the new bankruptcy “proof of claim” rules that will take effect later this year.  During the program we will also talk about other aspects of the claim process, including some of the most frequently made errors.  For more detail about the webinar, click here.

On December 1, 2017, important changes to the rules relating to bankruptcy “proofs of claim” will take effect. Those changes include new filing deadlines, new obligations for secured creditors and new methods a debtor may use to oppose a claim.

The rules relating to proof of claim filing are already complex; mistakes can not only result in the loss of all or a portion of your claim—they can result in penalties! The changes just make things a little harder.

Whether you learn about the new rules through this webinar or from other source, be sure to learn them from somewhere soon.  Missing the new, shortened deadline, not filing when the new rules require you to do so, or failing to recognize one of the new ways a debtor can defeat or reduce a claim can cause you to lose your right to collect.

If you are going to join us, I’d like to invite you to email any “proof of claim” related questions that you may have to me so I can try to address them.  You’re welcome to raise them at the program too, but if I have them in advance I may be able to do them a little more justice.  I want to get you the best answers I can.

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