Man Learns the Hard Way, Assault Rifles and Meth Don’t Mix with Repo’s

aslt_rfl1Blanchard, OK – 13 October 2016 – When a wrecker company tried to repossess a vehicle in Blanchard, the owner pulled a gun.

James Dalke allegedly told wrecker driver, Nicholas Allred, that he was not taking his black SUV. Allred said that Dalke got in his face acting very hostile. Dalke said he would do whatever he had to do in order to keep the wrecker driver away from the vehicle and said ‘you try to take the car and I’ll kill you’, according to an affidavit.

The wrecker driver, Nicholas Allred, said he grabbed his cell phone and pepper spray and asked Dalke to get away from the SUV.

Dalke then allegedly went inside his residence and exited with a black rifle with a large clip and a black scope on it. Allred reported that Dalke threatened to kill him if Allred took the car, according to the affidavit.

Allred said a woman at the scene, Donna Taylor, advised him that Dalke had had a head injury and was on medication and was not thinking clearly.

Allred then immediately got in his car, locked the doors and called 911. Allred said the woman and Dalke continued to argue outside the vehicle. Dalke then allegedly set down the rifle and began removing the front wheels from the SUV.

Dispatch advised Allred that he should leave the area, but Dalke would not allow him to unstrap the vehicle to unhook from it. When Dalke finally went back inside the residence, Allred attempted to unstrap the vehicle.

However, an older female was allegedly sitting in the cargo area of the SUV and would not move so Allred could let the SUV down and leave the area.

Grady County Sheriff’s Deputy, Chris Kennell, made contact with Dalke. Dalke said that when he asked the wrecker driver what he was doing, the wrecker driver threatened to pepper spray him. Dalke said he got his rifle but denied pointing it at Allred or threatening to kill him, the affidavit said.

Dalke admitted to removing the lugnuts from the wheels of the SUV. When the deputy asked to see them, Dalke said they were in his shop and he would go get them, the affidavit said.

Dalke then allegedly disappeared into the woods and the deputy called for backup. Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Tuttle EMS were also dispatched to the scene.

Authorities obtained permission to search the residence in case Dalke returned there. They did not find Dalke but they did allegedly find a white plastic folding mirror containing two ziplock baggies with a crystal like substance and a gold heart shaped box that contained a clear glass tube like those often used for smoking methamphetamine, the affidavit said.

The containers were seized as evidence, which were found sitting open on a shelf next to the toilet. Taylor said the containers were not hers. While Deputy Kennell was speaking to Taylor, her phone rang and it was Dalke. Taylor gave her phone to the deputy. Deputy Kennell told Dalke that he needed to return to the residence. Dalke said he was trying to make it back but he was lost in the dark. Dalke asked if he whistled, would the deputy be able to hear it. Dalke whistled and authorities were able to locate him.

When Dalke was located he said he ran into the woods because he was scared because he did not want to go to jail. According to the affidavit, Dalke admitted to brandishing a firearm. Dalke lead authorities to the rifle and two magazines. Each magazine had 19 223 rounds in it, the affidavit said. Deputy Kennell reported there was not a round in the chamber. Dalke also allegedly said the methamphetamine found inside the home was his, the affidavit said.

Dalke was arrested and booked into the Grady County Jail on charges of felonious pointing of a firearm, possession of controlled dangerous substances, and possess of paraphernalia.


Source: The Express Star

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