Obtaining and Documenting Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Agreements


Next Thursday, May 12, 2016

10:00 a.m. PST, 11:00 MST, 12:00 CST, 1:00 EST   (Estimated 120 minutes)

Creditors love them. Debtors’ attorneys hate them. Debtors often don’t understand them. Courts vary on whether they will approve them. Congress was wary of them and established very specific rules for documenting them. Failing to comply with those rules can have serious consequences immediately or years later.

What are “reaffirmation agreements” anyway?

Why do you want them? Why don’t debtor’s lawyers and some courts like them? Are they something you are entitled to get? What are your options if you can’t get one? Can you get in trouble just for asking for a reaffirmation?

If the debtor will reaffirm, how should you prepare the paperwork? Do you have to use the new forms that were issued in December 2015? What is the “cover sheet” and what risks do you have when preparing it? Some of the things in the official forms don’t make sense—can you make changes and, if so, how? Are you better off just letting the debtor’s lawyer do the paperwork?

So many questions!

Attorney Eric North has prepared and litigated over reaffirmation agreements for more than 25 years. During this 90-120 minute webinar, he will help participants understand what the rules, your rights and your obligations really are. The program will include a discussion of—

  • What a “reaffirmation” is and what your rights are if the debtor (or the debtor’s attorney or the court) refuses to give you one.
  • How to avoid trouble because of the way you ask for a reaffirmation agreement.
  • The two deadlines—one hard and one soft—for completing and filing a reaffirmation agreement. Learn to create agreements that will stand up in court!
  • Why there are two versions of the official reaffirmation form and how to complete each.
  • Risks when completing the reaffirmation “cover sheet” and how to deal with them.
  • Common errors creditors and debtors’ attorneys make when completing reaffirmations and reaffirmation cover sheets.
  • Changes or notations to consider making to the reaffirmation forms and the reaffirmation cover sheet.
  • What to expect at a court reaffirmation hearing? Do you need an attorney?

For more information call NorthLegal Training and Publications at 623.537.7150.


Can’t make it on the scheduled day? Remember that your registration also allows you to also watch the archived version at as often as you like for 180 days at a time of your convenience!

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