#repomanlivesmatter – Repo Agents Unite to Promote Job Safety

Wilmington, NC – July 7, 2015 – On June 10th, 37 year old Jeffrey Lowe was shot in the head and killed while trying to repossess a vehicle in Columbus County. Now fellow repo men are joining together to raise awareness for safety in the field.jlowe

After Lowe’s death, people started talking about job safety for repo men and women. Some people even went as far as reaching out to legislators, and now right here in the Port City, repo men are joining together to educate the public about their profession. 

Ken Dahlstrom started the campaign #repomanlivesmatter to start a conversation about just what it is repo men do and why folks shouldn’t take out their frustrations on them. Dahlstrom set up a Facebook page, found HERE, where people can ask questions they might have about what repo men do. He said he feels that educating folks about these men and women could help save lives.kdahlstrom

“I’d like to just raise awareness that the repossession agent is not your enemy. You know I have friends in this industry, and I don’t want to see anything happen to them either. So really the forum that we’re providing here is just an open forum for communication and educational purposes. And that’s what I’d like to see out there because we can promote change through knowledge,” said Dahlstrom.

Dahlstrom said they are also collecting money to help support the Lowe family by selling t-shirts though their campaign on Facebook.



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  1. Its time for the Repossession Industry to have a serious discussion about Work Place Safety. Contingency and Double Assigning affect the Work Place Safety of Recovery Agents. It is sad to say but the truth is, expecting the CFPB to resolve a Work Place Safety issue is a pipe dream.

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