Second Perjury Trial of Cop for Unlawful Arrest of Repo Man Begins

WDRB 41 Louisville News


Louisville, KY – February 1, 2016 – The retrial starts today for an LMPD officer accused of lying to a grand jury.

LMPD Officer Leslee Wagner is accused of lying about an arrest she made in 2013. Wagner and her husband, Larry Wagner, who was also an LMPD officer at the time, arrested repo man Adam Hannahs at their apartment complex.

The Wagners were off duty at the time and claim Hannahs was uncooperative. The Wagners arrested Hannahs and charged him with assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Hannahs was later indicted after Leslee Wagner’s testified before a grand jury.

Hannahs recorded video of the incident and Wagner’s testimony did not match what’s on the video. A jury could not agree on a verdict and a mistrial was declared in October.


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