TexasARP Hurricane Harvey Repossessors Relief Funds Update!

To all victims of the Hurricanes this year our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families!

9/14/2017 – We would like to take this time to thank all of you who have donated! A very special thank you to the California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR) and its members for their support! CALR has sent E-Blast to their members many times since the campaign started! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

TexasARP started the Hurricane Harvey Repossessors Relief fund 5 days after Harvey made landfall. As of Sept 14th we have raised over $12,000.00! 100% of these funds will go to the recovery agencies and their employees that were affected by the hurricane. Once we conclude the campaign we will make available the full accounting of the funds received. No monies collected will benefit the TexasARP Association.

We are not done yet!
We are still accepting donations to the “GoFundMe” page!
Here are some incentives to donate:

Repossession Agencies Owners Nationwide “Incentive”
TexasARP is open nationwide to all repossession agencies owners and their employees. An incentive to get the association off to a good start, any recovery agency owner who donates $500.00 or more to the relief fund will receive a free membership for the remainder of 2017 and be notated as a “Charter Member” to the association!

Vendors to the Industry “Incentive”
If you donate $1,000.00 or more you will receive a free “Vendor Membership” and your company logo and link will be placed on the “Vendor” page of the TexasARP website, your company logo will be placed in rotation on the home page of the TexasARP website with a “Harvey Relief Fund Donor” notation and you company information and logo listed on all TexasARP press releases and listed in our newsletters as a Premium Sponsor of the Harvey Relief Fund for the remainder of 2017. A donation of $5,000.00 or more will include 2017 and 2018 membership. A donation of $10,000.00 or more will receive a “Lifetime Membership”!

Financial Institutions “Incentive”
If you donate $1,000.00 or more you company logo will be placed in rotation on the home page of the TexasARP website with a “Harvey Relief Fund Donor” notation.

Last week the president took video of the Houston area please watch the video below:

Please visit the TexasARP “GoFundMe” page!


If you have any questions regarding TexasARP or the Harvey Relief fund please contact us at:

Many Thank You’s to all who have donated!

Stephanie Findley
President – TexasARP

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