Thank You from CU Repo and Remarketing Summit 2017. See you at NARS 2018 in April!!


10 November 2017 – It was a beautiful day in Cinnaminson, New Jersey as dozens of credit union collections managers and collectors gathered at the Riverton Country Club for the first ever Credit Union Repossession and Remarketing Summit 2017.

The event kicked off with a cocktail reception the night before, in the one hundred year old country club, where attendees gathered and mixed in preparation for Thursday’s full agenda of speakers and topics.

Ron Brown

The legendary Ron Brown, started the event off and was in rare form as he simultaneously taught and entertained the crowd in skip tracing, verbal linguistics and “The Cowboy Code.”

Michael Peplinski of Harding Brooks Insurance presented on the topic of “Industry Specific Insurance” and made an otherwise mundane topic of repossession insurance very engaging and informational to the crowd and was followed by Melissa Lang, Attorney and Judge Pro-Tempore who discussed a number of repossession and remarketing legal issues of relevance in the New Jersey and Philadelphia regions, from which the majority pf the collectors reside and operate in.

Event Organizer, Jerry Farese of The Peak Service Corporation, spoke emphatically, on “Choosing the right agent”. As the originator of the ARA Compliance Monitoring and Training Program, he fully explained to the audience, how by using the program, they can evidence their due diligence, in selecting a compliant third party repossession service provider, in real time. The ARA Compliance Program is the only compliance monitoring and training program that is audited, by the same compliance auditing firm that does the compliance auditing for Toyota, Ally, and many other major lenders.  The partnership with Michael Briggs, CEO, of RDN, will now allow lenders to access the program, with their same RDN access credentials. With the single sign on technology, they can see everything they would need to choose a compliant agent without having to leave the RDN site. With some assistance from Les McCook, Executive Director, of ARA, Jerry and Les unveiled the new face of the program, which now includes a number of new reports, graphs and pie charts, so lenders can view an agents status and performance at quick glance.

Rich Mullen of Manheim

The Remarketing Overview was held in a panel format with Rich Mullen and Greg Fodor of Manheim, Bob Stankovitch of The Peak Service Company and Patrick Dunleavy of TCAR discussing issues surrounding remarketing in the east coast, which are very unique in their own.

The afternoon breakout sessions, where typically you will find people started to leave early in other events, kept the audience in their seats and engaged as they chose their own topics to attend and dug in deeper with this outstanding field of industry experts.

In short order, this event was a big success and laid out the blueprint for future events planned nationally. There will be a condensed version of this three day event, in conjunction with NARS 2018. On Thursday, April 19, 2018, CU Solutions, LLC. parent of The CU Repo and Remarketing Summits, will hold a full day seminar. This will not conflict at all with the NARS meetings.” said Jerry Farese, CEO of CU Solutions.

If you missed The CU Repo and Remarketing Summit 2017, you’ll have an opportunity to experience one of the finest educational seminars I’ve ever attended. Put it on your calendar, and make your reservations now. This is one seminar that it not to be missed!!

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