Heartless Title Loan Company Repossesses 2 Year Olds Wheelchair and Van

maliyaKansas City, MO – January 6, 2016 – While a deal is a deal, sometimes the terms of a deal are unreasonable and untenable to those under pressure. I lay no judgement on those who conducted the repossession, the Lender is the one who is responsible. And under the circumstances of this situation, any reasonable person would know to do the right thing.   Kevin

Van taken by title loan company in KCMO contained special wheelchair for a paraplegic 2 year old special needs child and hasn’t been returned yet!

Yesterday the van was thought to stolen in KCMO which is no news because it’s a crime ridden city of lawlessness. However, what makes this a newsworthy story is that the would be stolen van contained a two year old paraplegic special needs child’s modified wheelchair within it. The child’s name is Ma’liya Lowery and can’t do much of anything on her own & her special wheelchair helps her to function. It’s very important to recover the wheelchair as promptly as possible because the wheelchair is custom made for her & it will take months to make the child another one.

UPDATE: After tips came in that a large truck took the van Ma’liya’s family figured out that the title loan company that they were working with took their van. The title loan company denied they took the van twice but finally admitted it after they learned a activist & press was working on the story. Ma’liya’s family was forced to move away from KCK after a spate of violence broke out in their neighborhood & their home was shot up by random thugs. They relocated to KCMO with a car title loan on their van. The title loan company promised they would work with the family due to their special circumstances but reneged by taking the van & not releasing it. The title loan company is so heartless that they won’t even give back the custom made wheelchair to a special needs 2 year old child. The family now have no transportation at all.

The family has reached out to activist, Alonzo Washington for assistance & he helped them find the van with social media tips . . . Last year he helped gain publicity & pay for the funeral of a teen who was killed trying to cross a busy highway. He will work to help to resolve this local family’s plight. A Go Fund Me account has been re-set up to help replace the family’s van & wheelchair if it isn’t released by the loan company. The funds will serve to help the family gain access to transportation & health aids for Ma’liya. Please announce this effort in your coverage . . .

The following is the link to the Go Fund Me Page: www.gofundme.com/wheelchair4ma-lyia.

The family is open and ready to do press interviews with any media source interested in covering the story. You may contact the care giver of the child. Her name is Diedra Lowery . . .  Activist, Alonzo Washington has been making appeals for tips via his Twitter page (@kccrimefighter). Please consider covering this breaking news story. Pictures of Ma’liya can be found on his Twitter page as well. It is Alonzo’s hope that news of the evil practices of this title loan company will force them to do the right thing. A special needs child is suffering because a poor family did what they had to do to move their child away from the negative gun violence in our city that cops, vigils & balloon releases can’t stop.

Source: Tony’s Kansas City

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