Unlicensed Repo Man Arrested for Impersonating an Officer

sntigo_bdgOrlando, FL – 26 January 2016 – Osceola County deputies arrested a man for pretending to be a cop in order to repossess a car, and they fear there could be more victims.

Deputies said Humberto Javier Santiago had a badge and handcuffs to intimidate his victim into handing over car keys earlier this month.

He told the victim he was “Detective Santiago with the Orlando Police Department.”

While showing an altered badge and handcuffs, Santiago had the victim believe that his car had been reported stolen, reports said.

Deputies said it started at an Orlando car dealership, where Santiago got paid under the table as an unlicensed and unofficial repo man.

Santiago does not have a state license to repossess cars.

They said the dealer paid him cash to pick up a car from the victim’s Poinciana home. That’s when deputies said he grabbed the fake badge andHumb_sntigo handcuffs and threatened the car’s owner with jail time, saying it was stolen and he needed to hand over the keys.

“I think I’d have to ask him why, the reason, surely. I don’t know what a proper policeman looks like,” said Brian Glasscock, who lives a few doors down from the victim. “If he’s got a gun and he’s got a badge, then naturally I’d take it that he’s a policeman.”

Deputies said the victim was scared, but knew something was not right and reported his car stolen.


Source: News6.com

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