Veteran Wins in 16 Hour Repo Standoff


Monroe, MI – August 5, 2016 – A military veteran who fell behind on his car payment while on stress leave was in a standoff with men trying to repossess his car. Billy Grimsy noticed the repo company backing its truck up to his car, jumped in his car, locked the door and stayed in as long as it took to keep his vehicle.

He says he needs the car to go to work and to the hospital. His wife is undergoing chemotherapy while battling Stage 4 cancer. Grimsy says he was on stress leave from his job at Ford for four months and only got 60 percent of his pay. He says this combined with hospital bills caused him to fall behind on payments.

The repo company could not take the car with him inside, so Grimsy stayed in from 7pm until 11:45am Thursday. Friends, family and the community raised the money overnight. WXYZ reports that Grimsy was then able to pay the bill and his car was released.


Source: ABC 13 Eyewitness News

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