Botched Dealer Repo Leads to Car Chase

crchaseFargo, ND – February 21, 2015 – When a check bounced at a West Fargo used car dealership, the dealership took matters into its own hands, leading to a car chase Saturday, Fargo Police say.

According to police, the dealership tried to repossess a car that was purchased from it because, the dealership said, the owner wrote a bad check. That’s when the chase happened.

Fargo Police Sgt. Shannon Ruziska said the chase that occurred at about 10:50 a.m. Saturday in south Fargo shouldn’t have happened because it was a civil matter.

“You can’t get into a pursuit for that,” Ruziska said.“They have no right to drive recklessly to try and stop somebody.”

The person fleeing a dealership employee hit another car near South University Drive during the chase but didn’t stop, and continued to Dilworth where police eventually made contact with that driver.

Fargo Police made contact with both parties and are still trying to sort out all of the facts, Ruziska said.

Both drivers likely face reckless driving citations and share responsibility for the minor crash with the other car, Ruziska said. Charges are pending.

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