Capitol Electronics to Provide a New Alternative in LPR for the Repo Market



September 3, 2015 – Capitol Electronics has announced a new product offering for the asset recovery market.  The new offer will provide state of the art Vigilant Solutions cameras in a four camera configuration.  The license plate scans will be hosted on a Capitol Electronics server in a secure environment, providing maximum availability and access.

This will provide a significant advantage to the recovery agent, who will not have to deal with the challenges of managing hardware for servers, or database software. The information on the server will only be accessible by the recovery agent, allowing him to create revenue opportunities by marketing the data or using the control of data to solicit new clients. Owning the LPR data provides an increase in the market value of the recovery agent business owner.

Camera systems are available for outright purchase, while hosting is a nominal annual subscription fee.


Leslie Caulk


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