Fall Gathering of the Eagles

eagle_XXPress Release

10/15/2015 – The members of Eagle Group XX met in Dallas Texas on October 10th at the Hyatt Regency DFW for their 5th Annual “Fall Gathering of the Eagles”.

Members from across the United States attended the event and planned strategies to advance the professionalism of the asset recovery industry in the upcoming year.

Many topics were discussed including the unveiling of the follow up educational program to the Field Agent Compliance Training (FACT). The new program will be directed to CFPB Compliance dictates in the agency office and is titled Support Employee Compliance Training (SECT). Both of these programs are available to any member of the major trade associations for a fee of $49.00.

Ron Brown, leader of the group states, “We are not trying to make money but rather offer affordable and uniform training programs designed to bring all participating recovery agencies into compliance and show proof of training due diligence in lawsuits brought against agencies.” Brown further stated that with over 250 agents FACT credentialed major lenders and trade associations are rapidly recognizing the value and accepting the programs, which also include quarterly continuing education segments with testing.

At their meeting the group also announced the development of a new and CFPB compliant “Industry Standard Contract/Repossession Service Agreement” which will be released in early 2016.

The meeting closed with the appointment of officers for the upcoming year by the Directors and stand as: Ron Brown, President, Millard Land, Vice President Western Division, Tim Koskovics, Vice President Eastern Division and Janet Kramer, Secretary.

Eagle Group XX may be contacted at 800-411-1844 or Rbrown2150@aol.com. The Eagle Group web site is www.eaglegroupxx.com .

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