Fugitive Woman Who Ran Over Repo Man Caught

shna_clhnRio, Hampshire, Great Britain – March 20, 2015 – A frantic and allegedly violent woman who was reported to have ran over a Repo Man attempting to repossess her SUV and then disappeared for 2 days has been caught.

Sheena Calhoun was taken into custody Friday night at her home in Kirby, after police followed up on a tip from local newspaper readers.

Calhoun was being held at Potomac Highlands Regional Jail Saturday afternoon on charges of malicious assault, wounding and battery.

FHampshire County sheriff’s deputies lodged a complaint against Calhoun Wednesday night after she reportedly ran over Repo Man, Doyle McBee, who was trying to repossess her 2006 Ford Explorer.

McBee went to Hampshire Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries to his head and body. He was treated and released that night.

McBee told Deputy First Class Chad Hott and Senior Deputy Steven Haines that the incident occurred at Calhoun’s home on Ben Saville Road in Kirby.

Working for “B’s Recovery”, McBee and an associate arrived at Calhoun’s address where he made personal contact with the woman, explaining why the men were there.

McBee claimed to police that he gave her an opportunity to take her personal belongings out of the vehicle, but when she got in, she started it up and put it into gear, running him over before he could get out of the way.

Calhoun then allegedly sped through the yard, saying nobody was going to take her vehicle, and left the area.

After reportedly running over McBee, Calhoun then proceeded to speed through her yard and left the area. Calhoun reportedly commented as she was getting in the vehicle that the repo people were not going to take her vehicle.

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  1. Wow not very smart move … but look at it this way … At least you going to get a well plan vacation too jail house for a while and it free lol dumb ass

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