Industry Pioneer Harvey Altes Passes Away

It is with heavy heart that I must advise you of the passing of my friend Harvey C. Altes .   As you are aware; the final days are usually the hardest and that falls true with most people who live to 87 years of age.   I suggest that we place that small foot note of this novel to the side and concentrate on the 99.9% of Harvey’s life that mattered to him ( and to the people he worked with) in his well orchestrated time on this earth.

If you give careful thought, you might very well come to the conclusion that no other person has ever touched the lives of more people in the Recovery Industry. Harvey Altes reached out and gave many people opportunities that might have been unavailable on a pace offered otherwise. Counting total employees: how many men, women, and children sat down for supper each night with a more improved lifestyle based on the Time Finance ship and its Captain?

Naturally his first love was his own family which included his late wife Joan.   Theirs was a true and strong partnership.   Harvey felt very lucky to work with his children in the same industry. He was extremely proud of all four.

Mike Altes/Patrick Altes/Nicki Merthe/JoEllen Winther

His joy, sense of admiration, as well as fascination included his many grandchildren . Harvey spoke to me often of their varied occupations and hobbies.

In his own calculated way; Harvey extended his definition of family to include hundreds of what would to most be strangers and outlaws ; but to him were also family.  He labeled this lucky group “” Time Finance Adjusters.”” With his brilliant mind and with his own special political talents he solicited, traded, recruited, and made this very unusual group of ego oriented business owners his family also.   If interviewed ; each TFA family member would have a cherished story to share about the first time they met Harvey Altes.     I am sure that when you told that story it would come with emotions , humor , and passion.

Harvey provided to his TFA Family great knowledge and trade crafts. He led by example and welcomed all to copy his advertising ideas and personal business practices .

Quote: “If it makes you money then please use it” HCA

There are only a hand full of people during the past 60 years that have given the majority of their life to improving this industry .   Harvey C. Altes was one of those legions. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.   Our loss is God’s gain.

I know my friend of 42 years would tell you to continue to march and own your own destiny. I would ask you to think of him often and tonight lift a glass , smile , and know he is resting in a better place .


Millard Land

Time Finance Adjusters / Family Member


PS:   If you would like to share a short story of how you met or how Harvey helped you in your business or personal life: please put pen to paper and send it to me .

P.O. Box 330007

Houston, Texas 77233

fax number   1-888-6497885

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