Lawsuit Filed After FL Repo Man Attempts Repo with Children and Adult Inside

MACE_SPRY_FCSt Petersburg, FL – October 29, 2015 – A Florida man tried to repossess a car with two minor children still in it and then sprayed pepper spray at the adults who tried to stop him. Those allegations are according to a lawsuit filed in Polk County on Oct. 22.

The plaintiffs, Yaica and Quinyale Gore and DaBresha Harris, contend the proprietor of Blackhawk Towing and Recovery attempted to tow a 2006 Saturn Vue the Gore’s had defaulted on while Harris and two children were in it.

Harris reportedly began repeatedly honking the horn from the Gore’s driveway to get Quinyale Gore’s attention. Harris was reportedly there to take him to work.

When Gore questioned Robert Burrows of Blackhawk Towing, the lawsuit explains an argument ensued, police were called, and Harris and Gore were shot with a healthy dose of mace.

The plaintiffs are seeking “no less” than $15,000 exclusive of attorney’s fees and court costs.

The Gore’s acknowledge in the lawsuit that they had fallen behind on the payments and nowhere in the lawsuit do they claim the repossession was uncalled for.

Instead they argue breach of peace because two minors and an adult were still in the vehicle while Murrows attempted to attach it to a tow truck.

The lawsuit implies Gore may have informed the tow truck operator, but makes no specific mention to what the verbal altercation was in reference to. It also does not say whether there were reasonable efforts to remove the individuals from the car.

Source: SaintPetersBlog

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