Man Bites Repo Man’s Finger during Repo Scuffle

fngrbtrSioux Falls, SD – June 8, 2015 – What started as a repossession attempt ended with the car owner facing assault charges and a Repo Man getting his finger bitten last Friday.

The unnamed Repo Man, 42, spotted a 2006 Chrysler 300 that was wanted for repossession at 5:30 p.m. at a Get-N-Go gas station at 57th Street and Marion Road. He saw the window was rolled down and the keys were inside, according to police spokesman Sam Clemens.

According to police, as he went to get inside the car and take possession of it, the owner came back, and there was a little bit of shoving that went back and forth between them.

The Repo Man accidentally dropped his phone into the car, and as he was reaching into the car to grab his phone, the suspect bit him on the finger.”

The car owner let go of the man’s finger and drove away in the Chrysler. The victim went to the hospital to see the extent of the damage to his index finger, which had been bitten just above the second knuckle. The finger was bleeding and had been broken during the incident, Clemens said.

Police know who the suspect is but have not located him yet. No name was given but he is a 36-year-old Sioux Falls man.

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