Man Bribes Guard Dogs and Steals Repo off of Lot Caught on Video

FOX 35 News Orlando

Holly Hill, FL – Video Surveillance from a tow company shows how a man stole a ragged van off of their lot by bribing the dogs and ramming the gate.

Arrow Wrecker Services in Holly Hill, a tow company with no claims of being repossessors,  captured video footage of a man going into their lot and stealing a van which was reported to be a repo by local press.

In the video you see the van ram the gate five times creating a hole in it which let the dogs out (STOP IT! Don’t sing that damn song!)

Owner Mickey states “He did $5,000 worth of damage, and he destroyed part of the vehicle getting it out too so.”

The dogs were apparently bribed by a box of chicken that over the barbed wire fence and then hopped the fence.

When the two guard dogs started eating, the man walked over to the van, got in and took off.

Holly Hill Police have put out an alert out for law enforcement throughout the state to locate the van.

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