New Industry Commission Gives a Voice to a New Generation of Recovery Industry Professionals


Young Professional Repossessors Commission Will Unite Young Recovery Professionals within the ARA and the Repossession Industry


AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 12, 2015 – American Recovery Association (ARA), the world’s largest association of recovery and repossession professionals, today officially announced the formation of the Young Professional Repossessors Commission (YPRC), a committee dedicated to educating, empowering and creating a platform for young industry professionals to speak and lead on behalf of ARA and the recovery industry. To become a member, you must be under the age of 35. Membership is open to ARA and non-ARA members.

YPRC’s mission is to educate and empower young professionals with the resources they need to have a voice and be heard in the recovery and remarketing industry.

“As our industry is ever evolving and many of us are looking ahead to our retirement years, we wanted to create a place where young industry professionals would feel comfortable and empowered to get actively involved in protecting and prospering our industry,” said Jerry Wilson, president of ARA. “YPRC was formed to meet this demand and ensure the next generation of ‘voices for our industry’ are being heard.”

To augment ARA’s strengthen and unity, YPRC was formed to assist in developing and executing ideas that will help ensure the future success of ARA and the recovery industry.

Monthly conference calls and webinars will be conducted for YPRC members to discuss industry news, membership opportunities and other commission updates. The committee also plans to hold a meeting at NARS 2015 to share ideas and suggestions, which will be discussed with the ARA Board of Directors. If you are interested in becoming a member, email Patrick Dunleavy at

About American Recovery Association, Inc.

American Recovery Association (ARA) is the world’s largest association of recovery and remarketing professionals. ARA members specialize in locating and repossessing collateral on behalf of lending institutions including banks, savings institutions, finance companies, credit unions, rental/leasing companies, and auto, truck and equipment dealers. A non-profit association, ARA members serve 27,000 national and international cities. All members are certified independent business operators. For more information, call 972.755.4755 or visit the website at


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