Renovo Releases Agency Scorecards

Renovo Services, LLC the vehicle transition industry’s most fully-integrated single source solution to the financial services industry today announced the release of Agency Scorecards for its repossession partners.

“The scorecard leverages our clients’ core requirements and is designed to help our recovery partners identify key opportunities for improving the scores produced by the Get Best Agent algorithm,” said Wes Goebel, COO of Renovo Services.

Renovo’s Get Best Agent (GBA) program identifies the agents in a defined zip code range, and then uses several weighted metrics to automatically select the best agents. The primary metrics used to evaluate the best agent are recovery rate, update compliance, condition report compliance and average days to recovery.

“Renovo utilizes GBA as the key driver of order flow to Agencies,” said Goebel, “irrespective of whether that agency is one of our network Repossession Partners or an Allegent agency.”

Within the Agency Scorecard, an agency will be able to see the statistics required to place in specific percentiles – Top 10, Middle 50, and Bottom 10. Additionally, Agencies will now be able to review their company’s statistical proficiency in the important categories relative to their national peers. The agencies overall percentage per category determines their peer ranking percentile per category – their overall GBA Score Percentile shows their aggregate ranking amongst their peers.

“The reportingupdates on a daily basis so that progress will reflect all orders received every time an agency logs into our Iris 2.0 system,” added Goebel.

Agencies can view their scorecard by logging onto to the Iris 2.0 system.

About Renovo Services, LLC

Renovo Services, LLC, is the vehicle transition industry’s most fully integrated single source solution to the financial services industry with the following brands: ACCIS Solutions, Allegent Recovery, Skip Pros, Compellum, and Renovo Services covers the entire delinquency process by offering recovery management, direct repossession, skip tracing, and collection services. For more information on Renovo Services and The Renovo Companies visit us at



Annie Lowell

Vice President of Customers


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7 thoughts on “Renovo Releases Agency Scorecards

  1. I cant believe I am writing this. My shop is in the middle 50%. I guess I accepted Renovo would get “first love” . Renovo is being straighter than most of the other forwarders. How many time has your work slowed to a trickle from a forwarder just because you pissed off a particular collector? I have live and died by this sword.
    Renovo- love them or hate them,that is each agencies choice. Speaking only for my shop,they are very fair. They pay better than any other forwarder. They pay cure fees (remember those) They dont blow up your telephone all day. They pay their bills. They dont babysit-you do have to earn your way up their food chain and they are sticklers for paperwork associated with the IRIS program. They arent perfect and sometimes frustrate us but they are reasonable.
    I know I probably sound like a salesperson for Renovo/Kevin Flynn but alas, no commission. It just seems to me they are doing a hell of a lot better than most of the others.
    Just my opinion,Scott Patterson

  2. Sound like Kevin is trying to toot his horn again but people that have worked with them know that company trucks have first run.Jason and Andy when Andy was on a truck knows that leadman/driver looks at orders the night before they are posted so they make first run get it if they can or wait for it to post to next best agent.They ran most of there best agent off that way or run the non company trucks out in the country where they do not want to send there trucks because of fuel prices.Maybe the BEST AGENT SYSTEM WORKS NOW BUT I DONT THING IT Does.

  3. I have to disagree with PeachState about RDN…lenders are exposed to risks of litigation by using RDN. Why? Any agent can sign up to use RDN whether they have insurance or not. RDN makes no site visits, background checks nor do they verify insurance on any agent utilizing their system. The lender is left with that responsibility. Just because an agent does good work and gets scored well on their performance, it only takes one mishap to cost a lender lots of $$$. Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems is the only system that certifies every agent they use at their own expense. You can be sure that any agent in their network is insured and bonded plus has the proper facilities to store the unit and personal property. And the agent does not have to pay to use the system or get assignments!

  4. Lenders already know the best results come from directly using the agencies and there’s no better way to prove this other than by viewing the scorecards on RDN. Do you think that there is something to the old saying “You get whatcha pay for”?? Just sayin 🙂

  5. I think Renovo is a little behind times. This sounds a lot like a program Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems has been doing this since day one. The way this release reads you’d think they invented the wheel!!!

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