Repo Man Rear-Ends SUV, Tries to Repossess It

San Antonio, TX – May 27, 2015 – A Texas Repo Man is facing charges after he allegedly crashed into the back of an SUV, then attempted to hook it up and repossess the damaged vehicle with the driver still inside.

The incident happened at Loop 410 and Pearsall Road at about 9:30p.m. On Tuesday. Police say the SUV was spotted by the repo man near a car wash in the area.

Police say the SUV was spotted by the repo man near a car wash in the area. He followed the driver to a nearby intersection where he apparently rear-ended her SUV.

Police say the repo man then tried to hook the vehicle up to his wrecker while the driver sat inside.sanant_repo_rerend

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital with back injuries.

Police did not arrest the repo man, but say he does face charges of assault causing bodily injury.

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3 thoughts on “Repo Man Rear-Ends SUV, Tries to Repossess It

  1. In no way does this have contingency or forwarders “all over it”. More like a unscrupulous jackass….. insurance is not the question but more importantly the lender that hired them and did they do their due diligence? Or the repo company owner and the due diligence. .. don’t be quick to blame the forwarder as they have more stringent requirements than most buy here pay here and direct clients. Posted by a large San Antonio dominant. Come on now, place blame where it’s due, not where your sore spots are.

  2. It seems as though everyday I am reading about repossessors’ who conduct their business in an unprofessional manner. I know that the national and state associations are working diligently to clean up the ranks of their respective organizations, but here is the missing part to the clean up. Most of these less than professional companies would not be in business if financial institutions did not hire them. I can assure you the $50.00 -$100.00 they save using these companies is peanuts when these types of incidents occur that CU collector has been writing about. SO… financial institutions help us, check credentials, check compliance documents, confirm certifications, really saving $100.00 is worth peoples lives and consumer law suits. I’m sure its not.

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