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At the Time Finance Adjuster’s annual convention in Daytona Beach a phenomenon occurred when over 50 men and women received the Eagle Group XX Field Agent Credential Training (FACT) and were tested on site. All attendees were required to score 90% or higher and receive remediation training. The attendees all scored 92% or higher and received their CFA (Credentialed Field Agent) certificates for calendar year 2015. To maintain their credential they will have to attend 8 hours off continuing education each year.

The cost associated with this credentialing process was funded by TFA in an attempt to aid in establishing a uniform training program for all asset recovery professionals working in the field and consisted of a two hour training power point presentation as well as a training manual and a 50 question test.

The elements of this training program have been well received by the lending industry and they respect the “continuing education” aspect of the program and the fact that it is available to anyone in the industry at a modest price which enable the smaller agencies to be able to afford the training vital to CFPB compliance standards.

So who is this group who developed the program and has made it available to the asset recovery industry? Where did they come from and what are their goals.

In late 2010, a small entity of professional men and women in the recovery industry formed a “20 Group” and designated it “EAGLE GROUP XX”.

The primary goal of this group was to advance their professionalism far beyond that of any other organization in the recovery industry and become recognized as innovative leaders building on knowledge and full statutory compliance.

EAGLE GROUP XX is a unique concept in the Asset Recovery Industry as it is formed by a group of men and women dedicated not to their own success but to the success of the other members within the group. The members share information as well as life experiences based on the Latin motto, “DIA MATHESEOS DYNAMIS”, translated as, “Through Knowledge Power”.

A 20 group is a very simple and easy way to benefit from the “Peer Collaboration Process” where non competing agencies, drawn from a broad cross section but with similar economic bases and challenges, meet together and share “best practices”, experiences, ideas and compliance strategies. The 20 Group, as well as staying in constant communication with each other through monthly telephonic conferences, meet face to face from ½ to two full days several times each year to analyze composites, compare notes, fine tune operations, discuss current and pending compliance issues which would impact their and their client’s operations.

The Eagle Group XX members hold the industry recognized “Mortgaged Property Recovery Specialist” (MPRS) credential and their field personnel hold the Credentialed Field Agent (CFA) credential, both of which require testing and annual continuing education credit hours to maintain. Their agencies also hold the SSAE 16 SOC3 Alternate Documents Certificate and have provided all of the required documents to a third party document retention and certification firm. This document certification program includes an “Independent Practitioner’s Service Report” which provides the clients with an examination of the holders tracing, investigation and asset recovery services policies and procedures. The members of Eagle Group XX comprise the first asset recovery agency service providers among our industry peers to elect to have this alternative to the SSAE 16 SOC3 examinations performed.

The Eagle Group XX is spearheaded by an industry knowledgeable facilitator, Ron Brown, who works with the group to establish benchmarks, develop continuing education programs which insure continued compliance in all areas of operations as well as offering industry expertise, building relevant agendas and facilitating communications between members and clients.

The Eagle Group XX members work with each other and the facilitator to provide Consulting Services and Training programs for their employees in sales, support operations, field activities, compliance and industry trends as well as compliance training programs for their clients and peers.

Eagle Group XX members have also embraced the concepts of analytics and applied them to their business in order to establish pathways to increased service models. All of the Eagle Group XX members have had input and a voice into what subjects and areas of operations were covered as well as setting the agenda for their conferences.

The Eagle Group XX has their own web presence at with a 24/7 toll free telephone number, 800-411-1844. The group also has an interactive web site, where they share information and have access to proprietary material as well as numerous consulting services

It is through this collaborative effort by the EAGLE GROUP XX members that they have standardized their data security and protection procedures and documents as well as their emergency management and disaster plans and their compliance and procedure documents and now are offering a standardized and uniform field agent training program to the entire industry.

This is an innovative effort put forth by a small group of men and women, recognized leaders in the asset recovery industry, who stand side by side and are, united in the proposition of “One for all and all for one”.

The Eagle Group XX Creed is,

“Anything, Anytime, Anyplace… Professionally”

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