Uniting for the future- A Conversation with the Trade Association Expert

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NFA would like to invite all recovery professionals to an informal question and answer meeting with Mr. Chuck Rumbarger of Organizational Guidance Group. Mr. Rumbarger has completed a two month study on our whether or not NFA and ARA should merge or consolidate.

His findings of our industry were very eye opening and educational. We are planning to have a frank, honest and informed discussion of all issues related to merging the current industry organizations.

During this discussion we encourage anyone to ask questions and expect an honest and informed answer related to the issues our industry faces today.

This event will be open to any and all Asset Recovery Professionals on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at the World Omni Mandalay Bay Resort in Irving, TX from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Arrangements are being made to allow those who may not be able to attend to participate via webinar. Details for this will follow as we come closer to the event.

We encourage everyone’s attendance so that we can all learn how to promote, preserve and protect our industry going into the future.

Should anyone have questions or concerns please feel free to email me at jennifer@premierrecovery.com.







Jennifer McDaniel
National Finance Adjusters

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6 thoughts on “Uniting for the future- A Conversation with the Trade Association Expert

  1. Maybe the timeing is a little off for this meeting,but we all need to move this part of the industry restructuring forward. In the interview with Kevin Flynn in this very forum he said that he saw repossession managment as a FRAGMENTED group and used that opportunity to move his plans forward. He is correct, untill we have one voice of some kind we are going to be picked apart ,dictated too,and open to “taxation without representation” as the saying goes. How can we not see this. Our biggest problem is US, and our apparent inability to put the welfare of our industry over personal agenda’s aside. WE may have to go through a little Hell to get to heaven lets make up our mide to see this through.

  2. Thank you Art for your kind welcoming of Mr. Rumbarger to the summit. We hope this will be very positive and informative to the entire industry.

  3. As this proposed meeting is outside the agenda posted for the conference, I am not sure why one would feel the need to make personal attacks towards the parties involved. One should be able to be professional enough to question someone else’s actions without making it sound personal. I checked the agenda and this meeting is clearly prior to the advertised 1:00PM agenda start time of NARS and the NFA is listed along with the other associations as sponsors of the event. I lean towards there being a choice in associations as each seem to have different beliefs and different practices when it comes to advancing their agendas but I am open minded to hearing the pros and cons of such an action as mergers.

    I believe NARS is the ARA’s finest accomplishment to date, and the best thing about it is that it is open to ALL involved in the recovery industry regardless of your association affiliation or personal beliefs.

    Art, while I disagree with your viewpoints at times I take my hat off to you regarding your response above as it truly keeps within the spirit of what NARS is suppose to be and stand for. Thank you sir!

    Disclaimer; although I do have the same last name as Jennifer I am no relation whatsoever, at least to my knowledge…:)

  4. I don’t claim to be an expert, but for the past 618 months since I first started in the repossession business in 1960, I’ve been asking; “Why do we need all these repossession organizations anyway?”

    Jennifer, it certainly can’t hurt to have another frank, honest and informed discussion on all the issues related to merging the current industry organizations. Therefore, I would now like to officially welcome Mr. Rumbarger to the summit. Maybe this time everyone will come to the same conclusion I did 52 years ago? Too many repossession organizations tend to divide more than they unite our industry and we really don’t need this many anymore! Let’s hope for a good turn out and a positive result for all concerned.

    Art Christensen
    NARS Committee Chairman

  5. I don’t understand how or why this was scheduled at the last minute without ARA’s (You know, the group that planned and is putting on NARS) knowledge or approval. There is a meeting titled Technology Innovation and Opportunities scheduled by NARS from 1:00 PM until 1:50 PM. NFA’s meeting will only create confusion. Poor planning and execution on the part of NFA as usual.

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