IL Man Arrested after Threatening Repo Man with a Gun

gun_in_chestBourbonnais, IL – May 30, 2013 –  An agent of 5 Star Recovery was reportedly accosted by a hostile borrower at gunpoint on Tuesday as he attempted contact with the borrower for a repossession attempt.

According to police, a repossession agent of 5 Star Recovery reported to Bourbonnais police that he had been waiting at a residence for a borrower to return so he could attempt the repossession of a van, when the borrower, James R. Felkamp, 35, arrived at around 5:25 p.m.

Felkamp allegedly got out of his car and pushed the Repo Man off his lawn and told the repo man, “I’m gonna f***ing kill you,” and proceeded to grab a handgun from inside the vehicle and racked the 9mm handgun, putting a round in the chamber.

The Repo Man retreated and called police.

When officers arrived, a search of Felkamp’s vehicle but found no gun. Felkamp, who had a valid Firearm Owner Identification card, reported to police that he had access to guns but did not threaten the Repo Man with a weapon as claimed.

The unnamed Repo Man told officers that Felkamp took the gun into his garage. Officers then requested to search the garage and Felkamp declined.

Later, at around 8:10 p.m. the same night, police obtained a search warrant for the garage and inside they found a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun with a bullet in the chamber.

Felkamp was arrested for battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful use of a weapon. He was taken to Jerome Combs Detention Center.

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3 thoughts on “IL Man Arrested after Threatening Repo Man with a Gun

  1. I am glad to hear that the police thought this serious enought that they took it the whole none yards and got the arrest. It is about time that we are looked at as doing a needed job and not some form of parasite as sadly a lot of law enforcement personal do.

  2. Nearly every day I have a customer ask me “why didn’t you guys knock at my door?” Invariably I have to tell them it’s not because we think you specifically will harm the agent, it’s because someone, somewhere will. And we are better off safe than sorry.

  3. The recovery agent in this incident is obviously a well trained professional and handled the situation properly and professionally. Thankfully, he was not injured.

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