Is It Getting Safer Out There?


In case any of you have wondered why you haven’t been receiving your usual there time a week newsletters, I’ll be honest with you, I’m having a hard time finding news. This leads me to wonder if perhaps there are less negative or violent incidents occurring? That would be great, but is it true?

No big business secret here, but I find my news through several methods. I search Google a couple of times a day using a series of phrases and filter by time frame looking for stories involving repossessions, arrests, shootings, stabbings and lawsuits. I have alerts set up that email me when anything hits their search engines containing these phrases. I also use news aggregator web sites that search for even less focused stories that sort by date of publication. Of course, I have also always had a steady stream of tips from our readers, for which I thank you all very much.

Despite all of these search methods that have served me well, I am still having a difficult time finding material, either good or bad save for the press releases which are also very appreciated.

This leads me to question, is it getting safer out there or is it perhaps just becoming underreported? Now I can’t speak for television programming in your area, but mine seems to be somewhat absent the usual junk “Repo-Reality” TV shows. Is it possible they have finally run their course? Dear Lord, I hope so. Is it also possible that the public and presses fascination with “renegade” repossessions has also run it’s course? I suppose that would be nice.

If these conditions are true and sustainable, then perhaps this is a period in the history of repossessions that could provide the perfect climate for stability and standardization suited for improved public perception and a revision to the maligned stereotypes that have been plaguing it for decades. Maybe it’s possible the publics improved perception would lead to less incidents as they separate themselves from the expectation of violence?

Perhaps these are just my perceptions acquired during a slow news period or are merely the result of my own desensitization of all the incidents, injuries and litigation I’ve seen through the years in publishing CUCollector? If I’ve become so jaded, please forgive me and understand that I feel no joy in a shooting, beating or lawsuit. Reporting the death of anyone in the industry is painful even from my point of view.

While it would make this blog painfully boring to read, it would be just fine with me if I never had to report another injury again. Forsaking the meager earnings of this website would be a small price to pay

KA_HEADSHOT13Kevin Armstrong


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