KY Repo Man Charged with Assaulting Borrower with a Bat


Lexington, KY – January 2, 2013 – Like a scene out of “Operation Repo”, police claim that a Lexington Repo Man assaulted a borrower with a baseball bat while attempting to repossess a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a shopping center near the University of Kentucky.

Police allege that Harry Dawes Jr., used a baseball bat to smash out the windshield of the truck while he was trying to repossess the truck in the parking lot of a shopping center along Saron Drive. Witnesses claim the driver disarmed him and defended himself from Dawes.

Am alleged witness, Elisha Salyer, was inside the Family Dollar store and allegedly heard the ruckus outside.

“A lot of cursing going on. Heard some windshields being busted. Next thing I know, the white Caucasian that had the baseball bat stumbled into the Family Dollar and collapsed on the floor. Said he couldn’t breathe and was wondering about his son,” she stated in a TV interview for LEX18 TV.

Police have charged Dawes with assault.

Police officers were later seen guarding the truck at a University of Kentucky parking garage to prevent any further incidents.

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4 thoughts on “KY Repo Man Charged with Assaulting Borrower with a Bat

  1. For everyone this Harry and I was doin my job when that m. Fer was Betten my son to death what would you do if your son was been hurt.

  2. Regardless if he “allegedly” did all of that or not….HEY HARRY…Thanks for helping us with our industry’s public image – NOT! Stop watching the FAKE T.V. shows and trying to be a cowboy. There is always a better way and another day to get the repo if confronted. I’ll even go so far and bet that Harry works on commission and not a fair salary or wage. He sees collateral as a paycheck and not the dangerous situation it is. What if the Debtor had a firearm Harry? What’s that bat gonna do then? Please recovery agents…work smarter, not tougher. Be careful, Be safe, and Be a good example of our industry.

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