Last Chance to Join the Largest Webinar in Industry History!

The game has changed! Come join us!
The game has changed! Come join us!

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As of this morning, Thursday’s first VTS hosted webinar has over 200 registered attendees with over 40 financial institutions being represented and will no doubt go down as the largest online webinar attended by both Repossession Service Providers, Forwarders, Skip Agencies and Automotive Lending Institutions in the history of the industry. VTS is making these webinars available to the entire industry and financial institutions free of charge. Attendees will be hearing from Michael Dougherty, a true expert that not only understands the CFPB guidelines but also understands it’s application to the industry.

Vendor Transparency Solutions, LLC, an Arizona based compliance management company and Michael J Dougherty of Weltman, Weinberg & Reis,Michael_Dougherty the nations largest creditors’ rights law firm, are presenting the webinars, each covering different CFPB topics, and are available to automotive lending institutions as well as the entire repossession industry.

The first webinar is scheduled for March 14th, 2013 at 1:PM EST. The topic of this first webinar will be; The Repossession Industry and the CFPB: Are you affected and what does it mean for your business? This will be followed by a series of webinars covering; “Tips, pointers and suggestions for preparing for a CFPB audit.” “Establishing an effective compliance management system.” “Creating an effective consumer complaint program.” Ensuring management oversight of your overall compliance program.”

“Protocols and procedures for maintaining and updating your consumer compliance program.”

 “Our team is looking forward to our joint effort with Weltman, Weinberg and Reis. The timing of these compliance webinars to the repossession industry and the automotive lending community could not be coming at a better time. We feel it is important to equip the industry with the knowledge of how the new reforms apply to their organizations.” Said Max Pineiro, President of VTS.

Those interested in attending the webinars can register at:

For further information on Vendor Transparency Solutions, their product or any of their services contact VTS President, Maximo Pineiro at 888-495-6217 ext. 102 or via email at, or Director of Operations, Jeff Koistinen at 888-495-6217 ext 100

or via email at




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Contact: Max Pineiro

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2 thoughts on “Last Chance to Join the Largest Webinar in Industry History!

  1. We are encouraging every member of Time Finance Adjusters to sit in on this webinar. Even if our members are going to use a different compliance program than VTS, or even if they aren’t interested in pursuing any compliance program for now, we all really need to know the latest about what direction the CFPB is taking right now. It actually changes each passing day.

    For example, there were posts just yesterday (3/12/2013) on the internet on a a site called the “CFPB Monitor” that stated that the agency is going to take a closer look at debt collection agencies. I know we’re technically not debt collectors, but I can imagine that we will all be lumped together as being part of the debt collection process.

    My point is that we all need to be aware of what signs the CFPB is sending about our industry, and Atty. Dougherty is making a career of keeping an eye on them.

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