Man Pulls Shotgun on Repo Men, Gets Arrested


Bennington, VT – May 24, 2014 – An early morning repossession led to three stories of the event and one man arrested.

Bennington Police were dispatched to the residence of David Buckley, 65, at around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Police report that they spoke with a man near the home who said he and others were attempting to repossess a car at the home.

Police spoke with David’s brother, Peter Buckley, 59, who said he had been awoken by the men outside. Peter Buckley said the men told him they were there to repossess a car and he told them to get off of his property.
According to Peter Buckley, David heard the arguing and came outside with a “gun in the air.”

According to Police, David Buckley said he was awoken by shouting and “grabbed his shotgun and went outside.” David told police the shotgun was aimed at the sky at all times.

The two men who were repossessing the car, Chad Mitchell, 27, and Matthew Jones, 51, spoke with police. Both said they believed that David Buckley would have shot them if they didn’t release the car they came to take.

Mitchell described David Buckley’s actions as “waving a shotgun in their faces” and Jones called it “waving (the shotgun) at them.”

Police said Mitchell and Jones had documentation proving they were there to repossess the car.

There was no information in the affidavit about whether the shotgun was loaded.

David G. Buckley pleaded innocent to the charge in Bennington district court on Monday and was released without bail.

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