Mother of 7 Threatens Infant with Knife after Repossession

Canton, OH – July 2, 2014 – After her car was repossessed, a woman reportedly held a knife to her infant daughters throat and assaulted her other six children.

Candice A. Kenney, 31, was arrested at 3:30 p.m. Friday on three counts of felony assault and seven counts of domestic violence and endangering children, according to police records.

Police were called to Kenney’s home Friday after she allegedly held a knife to her infant daughter’s throat and threw a stroller at the baby, injuring her. Police records also claimed that she chased another child with a knife, assaulting him, and that she “also assaulted her other children in the home and created a dangerous environment for her children due to her actions.”

The incidents occurred “due to her car being repossessed,” according to police records.

Stark County Court records show she was expected to appear in Canton Municipal Court July 2 in response to misdemeanor traffic citations issued a week ago for speeding with no child restraints.

Police records do not say what happened to the children.

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