MS Repo Man Makes a Smart Move under Fire


Horn Lake, MS – October 14, 2013 –A southern Repo Man is happy to be alive after he exemplified the wisdom that no car is worth getting shot over.

Brian Brannen of Tri-State Recovery has encountered many confrontations over the years. As a Repo Man, it is not exactly a surprise for him.

“Plenty of guys have cussed at me (and) plenty of people have tried to strike me,” said Brannen.

“Plenty of people have threatened me,” continued Brannen.

Yet, he never expected to be shot at. Especially while he was in tranquil suburbs of Horn Lake, Mississippi.

“I heard one shot fire off and looked out my glass long enough to see he had a pistol. I heard another shot fired and high tailed it to the police station,” stated Brannen.

Horn Lake Police charged the shooter for firing a gun in city limits and he faces a simple assault charge.

Brannen admitted it could have been a lot worse.

“The question I would say is: do you want to die over this vehicle? I certainly don’t want to die over it,” declared Brannen.

Local television news covering the story, Action News 5, went by the home. Although no one answered, a sign reading ‘I don’t call 911’ with a picture of a gun was seen.MS_repo_shtng2

Brannen reported he was on a public street when the shots were fired.

“Technically, once I hit public property the vehicle’s mine and they can’t do anything about it,” elaborated Brannen.

Brannen works at Tri-State Recovery and explained that he is called as a last resort after a debtor avoids continuous phone calls from banks and creditors. He wants people to understand he is just doing his job and is shaken up after being shot at on the clock.

“I’m in fear of my life. I’m not going to die over someone’s vehicle,” Brannen said.

While Brannen is back on the job, he is on high alert after the incident.

Horn Lake Police have not yet released the name of the suspect.

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