New Full-featured Mobile Application Enables Repossession Companies to Manage Assignments in the Field


– Repo Ninja™ mobile application released by developers of Re-Pros and iRepo software suites, includes valuable tools to help recovery companies manage and document assignments –

PHOENIX, AZ (April 23, 2013) – MBSi Capital, the developers of the Re-Pros and iRepo repossession software suites, has developed the repossession industry’s first full-featured mobile application that will enable repossession companies to manage and update assignments remotely in real time. Available for Android and iOS, the Repo Ninja™ mobile application gives recovery agents full-time, instant access to all of their assignment-related activity from their smartphone or tablet.

When used in conjunction with MBSi’s iRepo and Re-Pros repossession assignment management software suites, assignment updates are synchronized across a user’s system of record in real time, speeding up workflow and reducing the likelihood of errors that can occur when managing assignments manually. Repo Ninja is an indispensable tool for all repossession service providers when considering the level of assignment access required in today’s industry.  Service providers cannot afford to be without access to assignments — Repo Ninja provides secure, real-time assignment access from your mobile device.

“We’re very excited to bring this new application to market,” says MBSi President John Rhodes, “Repo Ninja is a full-featured application with a suite of tools that will help agents do their jobs more quickly, efficiently and accurately. The speed by which service providers can access important assignment data answers a host of new compliance and lender SLA requirements — compliance and their related SLA’s are critical issues in the repossession industry right now, for lenders and vendors alike.”

Repo Ninja allows users to create and manage run lists, create asset condition reports, capture photos and signatures, and record and document asset recovery. All information is recorded directly within the application, and updated to the database in the user’s system of record in real time. Documentation in the system of record can be vital to a financial institution’s or recovery company’s ability to be and remain compliant.

For more information on the Repo Ninja mobile application, please visit or call MBSi Capital at 602-864-7847.



About MBSi Capital
MBSi Capital Corp. was formed in 2003 to provide the repossession service industry with cost effective, easy-to-use repossession software solutions that maximize the return on technology investments. For more information on MBSi Capital, please visit



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