New Illinois Repo Laws Coming into Effect Soon

Chicago, IL – May 31, 2012 – On July 1, 2012, Illinois’ new repossession laws go into effect. What will these laws mean to the industry and to the public?

What the public knows of the repossession industry is primarily provided by old movies like “The Repo Man” and TruTV shows like Operation Repo. They’ve been under the impression that the average Repo Man and company go about their daily business just like they see on TV. These perceptions helped form the political opinion that drove to passage of Illinois new repossession laws.


While it took years to get the bill that lead to these laws passed and it was with some last minute intervention that subtle changes to the law were introduced and ratified, what is clear is that they will impact the industry in this state for better or for worse. Some feel these laws go too far while some feel that it is about time. Amongst those in support is Rick Constantine of R and R Recovery.

“Repossession companies have had for years carte blanche, it’s called self help. With self help it just means you can go upon their property pick up the car and there’s nothing anybody can say or do about it,” stated Rick in an interview with WQAD news.

For the nine years Rick has been working both with the IRA (Illinois Recovery Association) and from the outside to reform the Illinois Repossession  industry. On July first Illinois will become the fourth state in the nation to require repo companies licensing. Constantine believes this will finally hold Repo Men and Women accountable.

“They’re going to have to make sure they follow the law. They’re not going to be able to break into garages; they can’t get into fights with the debtors. They can’t cut locks, they can’t smash windows,” according to Constantine.

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Under the Illinois Collateral Recovery Act Repossession Companies will be required to abide by a new standard set of laws set up by the Illinois Commerce Commission and when debtors who’ve had their vehicles repossessed feel the agents procedure, process or actions were unjust or illegal will finally have somewhere to level their complaint.


“You do now have a place to go and tell your side of the story. We’ve never had that option in the past. We now have it now,” states Constatine.

As of first, Repossession Companies from Iowa or other states will not be allowed to cross into Illinois to repossess anything without a proper license from the Illinois Commerce Commission.

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  1. This guy is just trying to restrict competition in his market. What will happen is repossession charges will be more expensive, thus will be passed onto the customer. Financial institutions will tighten up on credit challenged customers, leaving some people no place to go to get vehicles financed.

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