Ohio Repo Company Helps Epileptic Girl Mauled By Dog

This is family of one of our own. I expect the repossession and collections industry to give with all of the goodness in their hearts to help this young woman.

 – Kevin

This coming Thursday, August 9th, Relentless Recovery, Inc., a collateral recovery agency located in Cleveland, Ohio, will be holding a benefit for Sarah Ziebro. Sarah, a Parma native, recently was the victim of a traumatic accident in which she was attacked by her dog while she was incapacitated by a seizure. Unable to defend herself, she suffered severe injuries to her neck and face. Sarah is without insurance and her medical bills total in tens of thousands and are still climbing. You may find more information at http://fb.com/helpsarahziebro.

Relentless Recovery is the largest, most professional agency of its type in Ohio, and generally repossesses between 20 and 35 cars per day. Benefactors may sponsor any amount per car. Currently, owners, Amy Bednar, John Ziebro and David Ziebro are each separately donating $25 per car from their personal funds. That means that at a very minimum $1500 will be generated for Sarah’s medical bills, which total in the tens of thousands of dollars. On Thursday, the total of recovered cars will be updated throughout the day via the Support Sarah Ziebro facebook page. If you are interested, please join the public Facebook event at http://fb.com/events/467863686564915 and follow the instructions below.

If you have questions and wish to speak to the owner before donating, you may call Relentless during business hours at 216-621-8333. If you wish to pledge, email Relentless accounting department at tborden@relentlessohio.com. We will update you with the results throughout the day.

Please include the following info:
Your donation amount per car. (Estimate of 20-35 cars)
Phone Number

If you would like to simply make a one-time online donation to Sarah’s sizable medical expenses, you may do so here: http://fnd.us/c/5LR58 Beyond paying for Sarah’s mounting medical bills, our main goal is to connect Sarah with a great plastic surgeon who is willing to work with someone without insurance due to having a pre-exisisting epileptic condition. 

Sarah thanks you for your prayers, help and support! God bless.

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5 thoughts on “Ohio Repo Company Helps Epileptic Girl Mauled By Dog

  1. So far some great donations by Dave Kennedy, Maria Olson, Patrick Altes and Scott Kackson. If you haven’t give yet, there still lot’s of time.

  2. This is a exceptional fundraiser and us agents here at Relentless ask all of our brothers and sister agents to join us with anything they can.I like many other agents are donating most if not all our profits for that day!!!!!!! Please help Sarah if you can.

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